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Metamorphosis (third solo pop-up show)

Friday 19th April - Sunday 21st April 2024

7 Kensington Mall, London SW7 4EB

This show was not heavily promoted and as I found out over my three-day tenure, it was also not in the most prominent spot. As a result, it ended up being an intimate affair with the die-hard fans showing up. Many of whom examined the paintings forensically, instigating conversation themed along the threads of Jungian archetypes and dreams. Others enjoyed the work in a more implicit way, letting the magic wash over them as they enjoyed a mid-afternoon sloe gin or glass of Sammy’s fine white wine. 

As always, I am filled with delight to witness people engage with the work. I noticed that a lot of people really take the time to inspect what is going on in the paintings, allowing their thoughts to be shaped and guided by it, leading them to nuanced and edifying conclusions about what the images relate to. As one ‘Chris’ pointed out: “Although your work has cartoon elements, I wouldn’t say you are a cartoonist because there is a lot in your work. There is a question, there is a problem and there is a quest.” That was great to hear. When someone gets what you’re doing, there is a sense of communion as well as the special gift of being heard. One big drive behind creating work is to communicate and express oneself, so when it is received, it feels like it completes the circle.


The second leg of 'Metamorphosis' runs from 10th - 12th May 2024 at 69 New Kings Road, London SW6 4SQ • Gallery open 11am - 7pm • FREE ENTRY

It will feature 5 new paintings, as well as a 'Shop' section with heavily discounted works from previous shows

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